Liu Xing Chui (or Meteor Hammer)

Liu Xing Chui (or Meteor Hammer)

Liu Xing Chui (or Meteor Hammer) – Traditional Chinese Weapon

The Liu Xing Chui, also known as the Meteor Hammer, is a weapon that originated in ancient China. It is a unique weapon consisting of two iron balls attached to a chain. It is believed to have been used by martial artists during battles and as a means of self-defense. In this article, we will delve deeper into the history and usage of this fascinating weapon.

History of Liu Xing Chui

The Meteor Hammer has a long and interesting history. It is believed to have originated during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) in China. However, some sources suggest that it may have been used even earlier. It was primarily used by martial artists and soldiers during battles, but it also found its place in traditional Chinese dance performances.

The Meteor Hammer was designed to be a versatile weapon that could be used for both long-range and close combat. The long chain allowed the wielder to attack from a distance, while the iron balls could be used to deliver powerful blows at close range. The Meteor Hammer was especially effective against armored opponents as it could easily bypass their defenses.

Types Of Meteor Hammer

Meteor hammers come in two versions: double-headed and single-headed.

Double Headed

The double-headed meteor hammer typically measures between 2–3 metres (6.6–9.8 feet) and features a spherical head on each end. Although the meteor hammer’s ends can be heavier than a rope dart head, the weight difference is usually negligible. Some variants of this weapon have much lighter heads, which are often used for training and modern Wushu displays due to their speed and reduced risk factor. The dual heads of the meteor hammer allow for simultaneous offensive and defensive moves – one head can be used for attacking, while the other can be employed to parry attacks or entangle an opponent’s weapon in an attempt to disarm them.

Single Headed

On the other hand, the single-headed meteor hammer is utilized similarly to the rope dart as a long-reach weapon with a single head. The key distinction between the single-headed meteor hammer and a rope dart is that the former traditionally has a round head. The head can weigh up to 3 kilograms (6.6 pounds) and is connected to a rope that can extend up to 6 metres (20 feet), unlike a rope dart, which is typically 3.6 metres (12 feet) long. Despite the significant force it can exert on a target, the single-headed meteor hammer is notoriously challenging to control.

Liu Xing Chui Construction – The Anatomy of the Meteor Hammer

The Liu Xing Chui, or Meteor Hammer, consists of one or two iron balls attached to a chain and is renowned for its versatility and effectiveness. In this section of the article, we will explore the construction and anatomy of the Meteor Hammer to gain a better understanding of this remarkable weapon.


The chain of the Meteor Hammer is a crucial component of the weapon. It is typically made of steel and can vary in length from 1 to 3 meters. The chain is essential in allowing the wielder to strike from a distance, as well as for entangling and disarming opponents. The chain of the Meteor Hammer is often wrapped with silk or cotton for better grip and to protect the wielder’s hands from the rough steel links.

Iron Balls

The iron balls that are attached to the chain of the Meteor Hammer are the most recognizable feature of the weapon. They are typically made of iron or steel and can range in size from small to large, depending on the wielder’s preference. The iron balls are designed to deliver powerful blows to the opponent, either by striking them directly or by using the momentum generated by the swinging balls. The weight of the iron balls can also vary, with some being as light as 1 kg and others weighing up to 5 kg.


The connector is the component that joins the chain and the iron balls. It is usually made of steel and is designed to be strong enough to withstand the force of the swinging balls. The connector is typically threaded onto the chain and secured in place with a nut or rivet.


The handle of the Meteor Hammer is an essential component that allows the wielder to control the weapon. It is typically made of wood, bone, or steel and is attached to the end of the chain opposite the iron balls. The handle provides a firm grip for the wielder and allows for more precise control of the swinging balls. Some handles may also feature decorative elements, such as carvings or tassels.

Training Meteor Hammers

For beginners, it is common to use training Meteor Hammers made of softer materials, such as foam or plastic. These training weapons can help a student learn the movements and techniques needed to wield a real Meteor Hammer effectively. Once the student has developed the necessary skills, they can then progress to using a real Meteor Hammer.

The Meteor Hammer is a unique weapon that requires exceptional skill and coordination to wield effectively. The construction and anatomy of the Meteor Hammer are crucial in determining the weapon’s effectiveness and versatility. By understanding the different components of the Meteor Hammer, we can appreciate the skill and craftsmanship that goes into creating this remarkable weapon.

Usage of Liu Xing Chui

The Meteor Hammer is a challenging weapon to master. It requires exceptional skill and coordination to wield effectively. Martial artists who trained with the Meteor Hammer were highly respected and feared.

To use the Meteor Hammer, the wielder holds one end of the chain and swings the iron balls around in a circular motion. The momentum generated by the swinging balls can be used to deliver devastating blows to the opponent. Skilled martial artists could also use the Meteor Hammer to entangle and disarm their opponents.

The Meteor Hammer was not just a weapon of war. It also had cultural significance in ancient China. It was often used in traditional Chinese dance performances, where the graceful movements of the Meteor Hammer were a sight to behold.

In modern times, the Meteor Hammer has become a popular weapon in martial arts movies and TV shows. It is often featured in fight scenes, where it is used to showcase the skill and agility of the protagonist.

Final Thoughts

The Liu Xing Chui or Meteor Hammer is a fascinating weapon that has played an important role in the history of Chinese martial arts. Its versatility and effectiveness have made it a popular choice among martial artists and soldiers alike. Despite its challenging nature, the Meteor Hammer remains an important part of Chinese culture and tradition.

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